Saturday, February 2, 2008

Altered Book Meeting - a hive of activity!

Aside from the wonderful opportunity I have to contribute to Altered Arts magazine, I also have a scrapbook and paper crafts store here in New Zealand. It keeps me (mostly!) out of trouble. :) And as you know I have a passion for altered arts, therefore it's something we do a lot at NZ Scrapbook. For the past 4-5 years (I forget!) we have been running an Altered Book Meeting where we get together and share our creative endeavors of the last month, and any techniques we have been experimenting with. We then busy ourselves on our current projects - usually for me that means TALKING! lol. I am notorious for not doing any art! However I DID do some art at this meeting - some packing tape image transfers. I was too busy taking photos of everyone else and their lovely art; I forgot to take some photographic proof of my own!

Anyway, this is a slight repost from our NZ Scrapbook Blog...but since it's all altery (I'm sure that's a word!) I thought it might be of interest here too.

This is Liz and a collection of her lovely decorated boxes. Note the heart one on the lower left - she is ready for Valentine's Day.

Lorraine, Adrienne and Cheryl

Paula pretending not to be in the photo. See the lovely compartment box she's working on? Plans for that involve vintage sewing supplies and notions - I can't wait to see how that turns out.

Wendy getting creative with a growth chart and serviettes. Given that it is going to be a horizontal folding book by the time she's finished, we joked she will need to eat more pies to get growth width ways!

Diane pictured here is a school teacher. Part of her requirements is to keep a record of the year's activities with her students. Not being one to keep an ordinary binder of events, Diane creates her own journals and then creatively cuts photos, images and handwritten notes and scans throughout. By the time she's finished, the book is virtually exploding with content. We think that if she ever gets a teacher audit she should fill it with loose sequins, glitter and expanda foam!

The Garden Book above was created by Diane Brewer (another Diane). A few of our members have created or are currently working on one. By the end of our meeting Diane's book had a rope pull closure and plans for some further shading. This one below is being worked on by Cheryl. You can see how she is cutting and gluing it piece by piece to create windows into the next page.

They are quite a delight to browse and create with - each page feeling like a path through a garden. Somewhat addictive in our meeting, I have a feeling we will end up with a whole garden tour!

Donna spent her evening working on a mini-book created from a children's board book. Donna also creates amazing wall mounted torsos among other things!

The books above are by Andrea. It's hard to see it in the photo, but each letter is made from chipboard and beads have been filled in the recess. A very pretty and creative way to use scrapbook paper to cover notebooks and diaries.

Look at all this wonderful purple! Adrienne's current project is; you guessed it - a purple book! She thinks by the end of it she may well be OVER purple.... I dunno, it's coming together great. Check out the tiny purple jandals on that purple page on the left. So cute!

So that's our Altered Book meeting for the month. Not forgetting to mention Paula's daughter and Anne who had super secret B.E. competition entries under wraps, Linda busy downstairs, oh and me - I did art I promise! I have witnesses!

Cya cya!