Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On my workbench today...

Some of you will know I am a bit of a crazy multi-art-tasker. I think it stems from hating to wait! I probably have somewhere in the vicinity of 15-20 CURRENT projects. Occasionally it gets overwhelming and I will have a full on finishing blast and complete a bunch before starting something new again. Its no wonder I have to have a major clean up session after that kind of carry on :)

So it felt good to finish a couple of projects this week and I started a long term project that I have been wanting to work on for weeks. I have been creating alot of goal cards and work featuring words and ideas to do with inner vision and motivation. Life's purpose and all that - you know - easy light subjects! heheh. This project is a box is intended to hold some of these cards and some daily ideas I want to keep at the forefront of my attention. In theory I should make a card a day but since I know life won't allow me to keep to that I'm just going to work on it as I can. The box however is my starting point.

I am always drawn to texture, at the moment I am really exploring how far I can take it and what kind or real depth I can create. I'm going for a very deep, embedded result so it will be interesting to see where I end up!

So far:
(above image) Creative Imaginations bE recipe box glued with various laces, feathers, beaded fabrics, stitched papers and spray painted black

(above) Detail of first layer of textured items.

(above) Texture paste spread over areas of the box to reduce clarity of items and create additional texture. Box has since been spray painted black again.

Next step: Not sure! hehe... well sort of, heading back into workroom to glue more goodies!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's a beautiful night...

...and its been raining two days straight! Well I think so anyways - the days are such a blur at times :)

I live on the edge of New Zealand Native Bush. The window is open and if I breathe slowly and in to my stomach I can almost taste the wet bush air. This is a good thing! I am very inspired by nature, there is nothing like being surrounded by plants to make you feel alive. It doesnt take much to spur on a creative streak when you take in the beauty of outside.

Just tonight I wanted to capture the twilight atmosphere of the wet bush in photographs except I didn't make it but a few steps off my back deck before spying natures art in action. A criss cross layering of spiderweb upon spiderweb at varying heights between some trees... but what really caught my eye were Rimu sprigs that had fallen from above and had become suspended almost mid float. Each one so perfectly placed - varying sizes, varying heights, varying proximities... combined with the wet raindrops... Magical!

I TRIED to photograph it... not so easy! But the point being it will become a springboard for an art piece. Not that I would desire to try to recreate such beauty but to Capture that essence and inspiration is what it's about.

What can you see out YOUR back door?

Crazy feather lady!

So whats a girl to do when she is compelled to create something - ANYTHING in a snatched moment and the brain hasnt quite turned on to current projects at hand???... Stitch feathers of course! I'm addicted.... I just can't get them out of my system at the moment. Feathers are appearing in all my work. Not rare feathers (I believe in the USA you have some restrictions on using feathers?) - these are regular run of the mill feather duster/boa variety.

Combined with crazy out of control zig-zag machine stitching you have a lush texture like no other. This little piece was whipped up with no adhesives, just a random piece of packaging card, fabric stitched straight on, feathers, a piece of text left over from a niche cut out to create a border around a collage image and small fabric remnant and brads for detail. No clue where this will end up but fun to make!